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Consultant GmbH


- More than 40 years of experience related to the food packaging business

- My packaging specialisation started in SIG Packaging Group in Switzerland

- I gained experience as Packaging Supervisor, Factory Engineer and Project Manager for more than 30 years in multinational food companies, in multiple factories with more than 1500 employees, including project planning/executions.

- For the last 9 years my work was related to packaging project developpments.


I would be happy to assist you with my solid background and knowlege on all types of packaging needs from a complete new line to a packaging line improvment. I can also help you get the correct interface between production and packaging, or help you select the most efficient machine/material for your individual business needs.


Roland Hablützel

I`m specialised in solid and powder packaging equippments for the food industry.

This includes secondary packaging machines down to paletizer.


My service includes

- Assistance to Ideation

- Pre Evaluation

- Project studies and executions

- Machine and supplier evaluation

- Packaging flow optimization

- Training

- Follow up and update service


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